BACKWOOD BRAT "Changes" ft. P1

Fresh off the release of her debut project, BACKWOOD BRAT returns with the music video to her latest, “Changes (feat. P1)”. With lyrics detailing her humble beginnings, the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, and drug addiction, “Changes” gives listeners a balanced view of BACKWOOD BRAT with the vulnerable yet fierce side of the rapper pouring out over this cut off Give n’ Take. The “Changes” video, shot by Nikonkwame and edited by Zammer, gives viewers a fresh perspective of BACKWOOD’s life, showing the world that there’s more to the self-assured and eccentric artist than what meets the eye. “You gotta listen to my lyrics. I know my flow cold as f**k but to understand you gotta hear it,” BACKWOOD raps on the girlNEXTdoor production, asserting her dominance before detailing her struggles with relationships, existentialism, and
establishing herself in the rap game. “Changes” also features a verse from fellow Treacherous Records rapper, P1, who showcases his critically acclaimed lyricism with bars that echo
BACKWOOD’s cutthroat demeanor.

Twitter: @backwoodbratt @GrandCampP1


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