P1 "Right Now" featuring Cypress Moreno (Directed by Goodwork)

The highly anticipated wait is over. P1 is finally back with his new single, ‘Right Now’ featuring Cypress Moreno. This is his first single released after his album World Ain’t Ready (W.A.R.). When it comes to making good songs P1 does not miss. And with this new song; P1’s melodic voice and Cypress Moreno’s and Poly Boy's beat just go hand and hand perfectly. In the song, P1 is Resilient in his hunt for a beautiful woman that has caught his eyes. He is told to be patient but his desire for this woman is too strong. P1, throughout the song, exclaims how he needs her love right now. P1 cannot stop thinking about her and all the things he would do with her. He’ll do anything to be with her. Song is available on all streaming platforms and you can check out the video below.

Twitter: @GrandcampP1 @CypressMoreno
IG: @GrandcampPeeskee @cypressMoreno @ThatGoodWork


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