(Video) BACKWOOD BRAT - "Ah Ah"

Back with her second video in under a month, BACKWOOD BRAT drops the music video to her song, “Ah Ah”, off the rapper’s first major project, Give n’ Take. With dynamic vocals delivering cutting lyrics through tight yet effortless flows on a hard-hitting West Coast trap instrumental by Goldgrain, BACKWOOD BRAT delivers to her audience the motif that is woven into her aura as an artist – she is not a person to be f**ked with. BACKWOOD BRAT’s debut studio album, Give n’ Take, displayed the broad range and many nuances of the Long Beach rapper’s character. “Ah Ah” played its role perfectly, giving listeners a front row seat to her comfortably vice-filled life and aggressive charisma. Seen amongst pounds of weed and holding a Glock in a dark room illuminated only by ominous red fluorescent lights, BACKWOOD BRAT floods the viewer with her blunt and cutthroat personality In the “Ah Ah” video, directed by Zuri Kwame and edited by Zammer. “Ah Ah” serves as a spectacle to the assertive nature of BACKWOOD’s lifestyle and how her sharp and dominating demeanor has helped her achieve such a lavish standard of life.

IG: @IamBackwoodbrat
Twitter: @Backwoodbratt
Tik tok: @biggbackwood


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