(Video) Daymo "Is It Too Late" Directed by Goodwork

Singer songwriter Daymo emerged onto the music scene as an R&B artist. He was born and raised in Southern California and currently resides in Los Angeles while he continues to gain traction in the industry. His upbringing in a Filipino household helped him cultivate the energy he wants to instill in his music, working to achieve chill and inviting frequencies through his angelic sound.

Daymo takes inspiration from life experiences to incorporate emotional, sensual lyrics into his songs. He makes music to make people feel good, with hopes to exude love, happiness and positivity. With his newest release, “Is It Too Late”, You experience love in a different perspective, even more so when you watch the music video. Starring Monroe Cline, the dancer paints us a beautiful picture, capturing every detail of Daymo’s emotions.

Social Media: @Haveanicedaymo


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